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Scent Marketing



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According to the scientific survey:


Customers would spend 40% more time in a scented area of a retail store over free scent area


40% increase in ability to recall with an introduction of a specific scent

  - Triggers positive emotional
    memories amongst your customers
  - Enhance your brand – and ensure
    that you are 'remembered'
  - Boost Sales
  - Increase your staff's productivity & well being

- Create Signature Scent for Your Corporate
- Incorporate Your Signature Scent in Your Products,
  Your Services or Your Work Area
- Advise a Diffuser System Set Up for Your Signature Scent
- Use the Signature Scent to Attract Customers &
  Develop a Long Lasting Relationship with them

 - Covering a Small Treatment Room
    to a Large Shopping Complex
 - For Home Use and also for Commercial Complex
 - A wide variety of  'scents' to suit different
    environments & different purposes
 - Flexible sale terms available –
   straight purchase or lease to buy

Why do you choose Aroma Vera?

Aroma Vera is a pioneer in the market with over 20 years experience.
We have a huge library of fragrance Expertise in designing signature scent

Selected signature could apply to your products and service

Characteristic of our products:
Eco-friendlyWith guarantee

Able to supply high quality of fragrance and 100% pure
and natural essential oils

Compliance with International Fragrance Association
(IFRA) standards



Welcome Your Guests and Increase Quality Perception
A Better Image and Create Brand Identity for Client’s Memory
Create a More Comfortable and Welcoming Atmosphere


The 'Smell' Sense is a Vital Element of the Spa
Seduces All Senses Creating a Pleasant Atmosphere
Create a More Relaxing and Calming Environment


Stimulates The Body
Freshens Fitness Environment
Customers will Perceive the Atmosphere as More Friendly & Relaxing


Greater Product Interest, Increases Desire to Shop

Increase Customers' Length of Stay, Increase Sales Revenue


Increase the Time that Customers Stay
Increase Slot Players Spending with Scent Marketing


Increases Concentration, Increases Productivity
Harmonious Environment Perception
Reduces Clerical Errors


Reduces Patient Anxiety
Helps People Feel Less Claustrophobic

Our France Scent System Manufacturer


Natarom established in Paris more than 50 years. It
launched its first diffsuers of essential oil in 1993.

Natarom was the first to design, manufacture and market
scent diffusers for professionals. They use these solutions
to promote their products and brands through sensorial

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