Business Product

With personnel training, a complete line of turn down products
and an extensive understanding of the hospitality industry, we
can deliver a unique exprerience for your spa or hotel.

Business Product

With personnel training, a complete line of turn down products
and an extensive understanding of the hospitality industry, we
can deliver a unique exprerience for your spa or hotel.

Natural Light Aroma Vaporizer


Functions :

Simple and easy to use for
essential oils

Just put on top of vaporizer
to diffuse scent of oil

Do not need to put water,
fire to heat , safe to use

Remain 70℃ constant

Cover 200 square feet

Natural light to improve

Power: 240V A.C. / 6W

Dimensions: 130 x 130 x
120(H) mm


Phyto Energy Atomizer – H T Diffuser


- Exclusive & revolutionary design
by Aroma Vera

- Ionizes undiluted essential oils into
an ultra-fine vapor that
remains suspended in the
air for maximum
availability and minimum

- 3 modes of output control,
infra-red sensor, timer

- Awarded with Safety Award from
Hong Kong Safety Institute

- Covers an area of about 1,000
square feet

- Best for offices, or reception areas


Aroma Vera Scent Diffuser SD860 (desktop)


  • Cover 50 square meters
  • Microprocessor used for programming diffusion time, frequencies
  • Electric Power: 220V
  • Dimension: 7-13(dia) x 21cm (H)
  • Weight (without refill): 1.25kg
  • Electric consumption: 6 Watt
  • Frame: Painted Steel ( Black or Silver color)
  • Average consumption: Continuous with oils from 1ml/hour
  • 150ml Fragrance oil container
  • Country of origin: China

Fun and Whimsical


Enhance your environment with a
Fun and Whimsical
fragrance. Create an
atmosphere filled with
aromas that speak to
the child in all of us and
let the fun.

Suggested Fun & Whimsical

Chocolate Chip
Cookies, Ice Cream
Cone, Pink Bubblegum,
Maple Syrup, Waffle
Cone, Cinnamon Buns,
Pink Fairy Floss

Passionate and Sensual


Spark a romance and intensify
the ambience in your
business with a
Passionate and
Sensual fragrance.
Target the human’s
strongest sense by
including a rich
passionate aroma in
your atmosphere and
then sit back and watch
while your customers
turn heads and hearts
to your suggestion.

Suggested Passionate & Sensual

Chocolate, Innocent,
Petal, Irish Cream,
Passion Tea, Rose

Fragrant and Floral


Put your customers in the mood
with the sweet-smelling
blossoms of Fragrant
and Floral scents.
These aroma of a fresh
flower garden can
breathe new life into
any environment, bring
to mind romantic,
peaceful places, perfect
for sitting and staying

Suggested Fragrant & Floral

Carnation, Lilacs, Tulip,
Rose Garden, Summer
Blossoms, Fragrant
Magnolia, Autumn Sage

Exotic and Tropical


Captivate your customers by
bringing the mysterious
and sensual elements
of the Far East and
South Pacific to your
business with an Exotic
and Tropical

Suggested Luxurious &
Sophisticated Scents

Coconut Beach, Apricot
Mango, Strawberry
Banana, Juniper Aloe,
Pina Colada, South Sea
Island, Rainforest

Luxurious and Sophisticated


Luxurious and Sophisticated
fragrances speak to the
mature soul and make
a bold and lasting
impression. Conjure up
images of opulence,
prosperity, powerful, yet
subtle. These scents
are sure to set your
business apart and get
your noticed.

Suggested Luxurious &
Sophisticated Scents

Zen Garden, Green
Bamboo, Cedar Wood,
Green Tea with
Lemongrass, White Tea
& Thyme

Relaxing and Soothing


Let a Relaxing and Soothing
fragrance draw your
customers in and tempt
them to kick off their
cares and cozy-in.
We’re sure they’ll want
to stay awhile.

Suggested Relaxing & Soothing

Lavender Sweet,
Harbour, Bauhinia,
Malva, Jasmine, Neroli

Invigorating and Stimulating


This scent will make someone sit
up and take notice; get
the blood racing, spark
an emotion and are
sure to turn heads.
These aromas will
awake the mind and stir
the soul.

Suggested Invigorating &
Stimulating Scents

Eucalyptus Mint, Green
Apple, Plum Blossom,
Forest, Glass land,
Blue Sea

Fresh and Clean


Fresh and Clean fragrances
revitalize our minds and
lift our spirits. These
aromas remind us of
fresh air, clean sheets
right off the clothesline
or an afternoon rain

Suggested Fresh & Clean Scents

White lotus, Gingerlily,
White tea, Calla Lily,
Daisy and many more

Warm and Inviting


Help invoke a relaxing,
friendly and
atmosphere so
customers will want
to linger. Reminds
you of comfort foods
and cozy

Suggested Warm & Inviting

Cupcake, Lavender
Vanilla air,
Chocolate, Donut,
Toffee, Peach and
many more

Crisp and Refreshing


Create a stimulating and
energetic environment
in your business
environment. These
aromas are reminiscent
of the fresh outdoors,
conjuring images of
green leaves, fresh
herbs, fruits, spring
meadows and fresh air.

Suggested Crisp & Refreshing

Ocean, Uplifting,
Eucalyptus Mint, Sea
salt, Cool Water, Fresh
and many more